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Is a Mosaic Batch Built Frame Right For You?

Reach, stack, head tube angle, bottom bracket drop, paint, finish … You have tons of options when you order a handbuilt bike. But a while back, we started to realize that some riders don’t need a Made to Order Mosaic to get the perfect bike for their favorite rides. So, we created the Batch Built frame program to simplify things. The Batch Built program has now been expanded to include the RT-2d, GT-2 AR, GT-2 45 and MT-2.

We offer four Batch Built Models: GT-2 45, GT-2 AR, RT-2d, and our hardtail mountain bike the MT-2. Every frame is available in a standard size run from 48cm to 62cm with our tested and proven geometry. Just like every Mosaic, these frames are made by hand in our Colorado shop. Best of all, thanks to our efficient build process, Batch Built frames are available in a 1-2 week turnaround and cost $4,500 — that includes a Cane Creek headset, Columbus carbon fiber fork and standard raw finish.

So, is a Batch Built Mosaic right for you? Here’s why you might consider this option from Mosaic.

1. Simple order process. If you don’t need to spend time working out custom geometry with your bike fitter, Batch Built allows you to pick the correct size and feel confident your new bike will have perfectly balanced fit and handling.

2. Hand-built on a budget. We don’t compromise on build quality, and neither should you. We give every Batch Built frame the same attention to detail as our Made to Order frames. Thanks to our efficient process, you can get an American-made titanium frame for less.

3. Make it your own. Unlike some off-the-shelf frames, we can configure your Batch Built Mosaic for any shifting system. While the standard raw finish is the starting point for Batch Built frames, you can choose any color option you like from our paint shop to make your frame stand out. (Painted finish up-charge applies). From our experience, Batch Built checks a lot of boxes for a lot of riders. If it sounds right for you, here’s a quick guide to the three available models.

RT-2 D: Pure Road Efficiency

Reports of the road bike’s death are greatly exaggerated … Sure, we dig riding dirt, but the RT-2 D is a blast when it’s time to rack up the miles on perfect paved routes. With clearance for 30mm tires, this is a modern take on a road bike with ample comfort and traction. Most sizes have a 72.5-73-degree head tube angle for intuitive handling.

  • Size range: 48-62cm

  • Straight-gauge titanium tubing

  • 30mm tire clearance w/ road chainline.

GT-2 AR: All Roads, Any Ride

Face it, most of us aren’t riding a Radavist-style wilderness adventure on the daily. (But if you are, congrats!) The GT-2 AR is borne out of the typical rides that help us get through the week. With clearance for 38mm tires, this bike is speedy enough for paved routes but doesn’t shy away from dirt connectors or even some sporty gravel. Most sizes have a 72-degree head tube angle for that just-right “mama bear” handling to keep you out of trouble on sketchy terrain without feeling sluggish.

  • Size range: 48-62cm

  • Straight-gauge titanium tubing

  • 38mm tire clearance w/ road chainline.

GT-2 45: Gravel With Mettle

Mosaic’s gravel bikes are proven at every major event from SBT GRVL to Unbound and beyond. Don’t believe it? Just ask our pro rider, Brennan Wertz, who rides our handmade titanium frames all season. Most GT-2 45 sizes sport a relaxed 71.5-degree head tube angle with a more upright riding position than the GT-2 AR for long-haul comfort. With clearance for tires as big as 48mm, this frame has the versatility for any off-pavement excursion.

  • Size range: 48-62cm

  • Straight-gauge titanium tubing

  • 48mm tire clearance w/ gravel chainline.

Perhaps our Batch Built geometry isn’t right for your physiology. Or, you might prefer butted titanium tubes, which we use to build our top-of-the line GT-1 and RT-1 series bikes. If that’s the case, you’ll want to consider a Made to Order Mosaic frame. We’d love to build the perfect custom frame for you.

Best of all, the Batch Built program makes our shop more efficient, so Made to Order turnaround times are faster than ever at 6-8 weeks for a completely custom, Made to Order Frame.

Words: Spencer Powlison Photos: Mark Currie


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