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The tangible act of turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty. This is Mosaic Cycles, not confined by self-imposed limitations but rather working to embrace each rider’s aspirations.
Underpinned by Mosaic’s values, each project is an expression of the Mosaic philosophy; one forged over many years of fabrication, right here and now, the limitations of factory bikes no longer exist.
2019 RS-1d-040 copy.jpg
The rider is at the center of the Mosaic process. Regardless of your needs, we have a model for you. Our materials of choice are titanium and steel. While each offers different ride characteristics, titanium is our preference due to its versatility. By using oversized butted tubing and modern design elements, titanium allows a full spectrum of ride options that can rival the stiffness of top-shelf carbon, or create the compliant feel of all-day endurance. Our Mosaic steel frames utilize modern tubing to achieve timeless ride quality without compromise in weight. Both steel and titanium are light and lively, but most importantly they are forever materials. 
The process begins with your fitting by working with a Mosaic Dealer to dial in your geometry for a one of a kind Made To Order bike or choosing from our Batch Built program. Once the geometry is decided we move into fabrication. Each bike undergoes Mosaic’s small batch process, one at a time with delivery in just a few weeks from placing an order. Our experienced team of frame builders pride themselves on the precision, attention to detail and high caliber finish work put into each bike that leaves the shop.
We believe that fit and performance should be balanced with aesthetics which is why you will find a high level attention to detail in the subtle etching and polished logos that create a style uniquely Mosaic, even from a distance. If color is what you are looking for, all Mosaic frames are painted locally by Spectrum Paint and Powderworks offering a variety of schemes to choose from. Your Mosaic Dealer will walk you through all the paint and finish options for your bike during the ordering process. Your bike is delivered to your Mosaic Dealer within 6 weeks and built by their professional staff, ensuring your first ride is a dialed one.
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