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SRAM UDH & Transmission Compatibility is here.

If you've been paying attention to the mountain bike world, then you likely know that just a few short months ago SRAM not-so-quietly launched their latest drivetrain innovation - Transmission. The Transmission (T-Type) drivetrain is anchored around one absolutely critical feature - Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) compatibility. The T-Type derailleur ditches the conventional derailleur hanger altogether and mounts directly to the frame in question. To accommodate this, the frame itself must be designed with a UDH, and a dropout that accepts the direct mount T-Type Transmission rear derailleur.

Ensuring that Mosaic gravel and mountain bikes are compatible with the latest & most current technology, we're thrilled to introduce SRAM UDH compatibility as an option on our GT-1 45, GT-1X and made-to-order GT-2 45, GT-2 X and MT-2 framesets. Mosaic Batch Built frames will continue to use a standard derailleur hanger.

Wide-range "Mullet" drivetrains have become the standard on Mosaic gravel and mountain bikes as they're simple, efficient, and offer the rider a generous range of gears suitable for both the steepest climbs, and fastest descents. The latest generation of SRAM T-Type Transmission drivetrains can be paired with a WIDE chainline crankset and SRAM road shifters for an extremely versatile, durable, and modern setup. No more bent derailleur hangers, no more issues shifting under load, and with the option of a 10-52 cassette, no more running out of gears :)

Take a moment and check out the build below, a Typhoon Green GT-1 45 built up with SRAM GX Eagle Transmission. To start planning your very own Mosaic/Transmission build, get in touch with a Mosaic Dealer today.

Mosaic GT-1 45 with SRAM Transmission and UDH.
The GT-1 45 with SRAM's latest Transmission drivetrain is the epitomy of a modern titanium gravel bike.


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