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2024 Gold Hill Week

Unbound Gravel, Kristen Legan winning the race.

2024 Gold Hill Week by Mosaic Cycles - in partnership with Full Cycle, Ned Gravel, & The Gold Hill Store.

When: June 24th - 29th.

Afterparty on July 1st @ Full Cycle from 6:30 - 9pm with live music and prize drawing.


The town of Gold Hill sits approximately 10 miles West, and 3000 feet above the city of Boulder. Do the quick math on that, and you’ll realize that no matter which way you choose to get up there, it’s going to be a solid effort. Gold Hill is only accessible via a network of dirt roads and old mining trails, making it an iconic ride destination, and a prominent piece of Boulder cycling culture. You’ll want to stay a while, as the legendary Gold Hill store is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a slice of pie, a coffee, or an ice-cold beverage in the summer months.

On any given week, you’d be doing well if you rode to Gold Hill once, heck maybe even twice… But, as commonly understood, more is always better, so we’ve decided to do it every day for a week. Whether you're training for a late summer race or just need a bit of a fitness boost, Gold Hill week is sure to pack a punch. There's more though... We're giving away a Mosaic, and a load of other prizes. The more you ride, the better your chances.

Each trip starting in Boulder, and riding to the The Gold Hill Store earns you one "entry" into a giveaway. Entries are 100% free. You can ride to Gold Hill as many times as you want during that week - the more you ride, the more entries you'll get.

The Rules are As Follows:

  1. Every trip to Gold Hill from town (Boulder) is one entry. There will be a sign-in book located in, or around the Gold Hill store to log your trips.

  2. You can earn one bonus entry Per Trip to Gold Hill if…

    1. You take a photo along the way, post it on Instagram, and tag @mosaiccycles, @nedgravel, @fullcycleboulder, @goldhillstore and use the hashtag #goldhillweek. Photos must be made as public posts, not stories, as we'll need to reference them at the end of the week before putting the entries into the draw.

  3. You must sign a waiver. Waivers are located at Full Cycle, accessible via QR code on the front door.

  4. To be considered for a prize, your rides must be recorded on Strava and publicly visible.

  5. You must be a part of the Peak to Peak Endurance (Ned Gravel) Strava Club.

  6. You must legitimately ride to Gold Hill. This event is run on the honor system. Don't cheat the system just to win some free stuff. Nobody wants to deal with that.

  7. This is a great community comprised of awesome people, and some fantastic hometown brands. Everyone just wants to have a good, clean fun time, so don’t be a dick. Don’t cheat. Don’t ride like a jabroni, etc… Obey the rules of the road. Be nice to the people in Gold Hill. Don’t litter. Be respectful.

Group Rides

There will be a group of people riding each evening from Full Cycle at 4:30pm, finishing back at Full Cycle for a beer on the patio, and taking a unique route each day of the week. The pace will be variable, and the group is likely to split up along the way. You don't have to ride as part of the evening group, but you're certainly very welcome to. Check out the routes here.

The Prizes:

  1. Grand Prize: A Mosaic Batch Built GT-2 45 gravel bike in your choice of size, complete with a SRAM Apex AXS Groupset, Zipp 101 XPLR Wheels & Cockpit. Yes, we're giving away a bike!!

  2. A 2D Bike Fit at Full Cycle

  3. 4 individual entries to Ned Gravel for your event of choice (Limit 1 per person)

  4. 4 $50 Full Cycle Gift Cards (Limit 1 per person)

  5. SRAM Swag Pack including a Rux 70L Gear Hauler

  6. Shimano/PRO Helmet & Shoe Combo

Prize drawing will take place at the Gold Hill Week afterparty taking place on Monday, July 1st at 6:30 pm @ Full Cycle Boulder. You must be present to win.

So - if you're in town that last week of June, come on out and let's get our climbing legs on. We're looking forward to seeing you, sharing some good miles, and giving away a stack of awesome stuff to our local community. Any questions? Give us a shout at

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Megan Bilodeau
Megan Bilodeau
Jun 16

This is incredible and now I want to book a flight to CO 😭😭😭

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