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IYKYK by Ben Frederick

Ben Frederick at the Mosaic production shop.

Hello, hi!! For those who haven’t met me, I’m Ben! Beyond being your newest Mosaic Rider, I’m a cat dad, hobby surfer (i.e., bad at it), recovering Music Major, and TBI Survivor. You can learn a bit more about Mosaic x Small Monsters HERE, but I want to talk about #flagweek and my time hanging out at the Mosaic shop.

The tagline of IYKYK is alluring, and I wanted to KNOW what it was all about. Having lived north of Boulder during the pandemic, I rarely ventured all the way to Flagstaff Mountain. So a week of climbing it every day? With old and new friends? Sign me up.

Ben Frederick under the helmet.

Monday-Tuesday were at a social pace, and the rest of the week added some spice with a costume ride on Friday.

We don’t have the time or space for a full day-to-day recap, but my days were a variation on the theme of waking up at 5:45 am for a 6:15 rollout from Niwot to the start at Full Cycle. At 7:00 am SHARP, we cruised through town to the base of the climb. Rip uphill hard (or not) to the mailboxes at the top of the Super Flag segment, punch your card, cheer on your friends, rip down (safely) for coffee, and repeat for 5 days.

Flagstaff Mailboxes, Boulder, CO

My highlights include:

  • Meeting the Mosaic team: These guys showed up every single day, including Ross, who was “fresh” off the Unbound 200 with only one day to drive home before 5x 2,500-ft days in a row. It was also really cool to bring the bike that each of the guys had a part in, and show them the final product.

  • Top of the climb vibes: At the fabled Mailboxes, folks would punch in and write their time, snap a photo of the bikes, then hang out and wait for everyone to finish. Big cheers and high-fives before safely ripping down the mountain.

  • People’s improvement curves throughout the week: Somehow, people got faster and faster, and there were PRs aplenty. MVP was Mosaic’s own and newest, Pavel, who just moved up from sea level and dropped 10(!) minutes off his time throughout the week.

While I’m no stranger to early rollouts (this “pro” still has a full-time job), the alarm was less painful knowing I would have a solid group of people each morning, sharing in the love of bikes and pushing ourselves. 10/10 would recommend making the pilgrimage because even though it’s the same climb every day, each trip up is unique and special. Flagstaff is just the background to an awesome week. Also, the descent ABSOLUTELY RIPS.

Mark, Ben, and Aaron on Flagstaff.


I’m no stranger to metal bikes, having ridden them for my whole career. However, this was my first chance to see what the process looks like from start to finish. We got to play around with geometries and build options for my upcoming XT-1 cyclocross bikes on the computer before moving into the production zone.

Stacks of head tubes, shelves of seat stays, raw tubes that were 15 ft long, heavy machinery that I definitely should not have been allowed near—the whole thing was overwhelming. Jamie and Ross walked through how orders are placed, gathered, tacked, welded, then “dimes stacked.”

Ben in the Mosaic machine shop.

Once that’s done, we headed next door to Spectrum Paint and hung out with Randy and David. Artistry in a different form, I was able to see the countless paint and finishing options, including all the sparkle/flake choices. “Don’t sneeze, or we’ll say bless you, and that will be $500.” It got my head spinning about how we’re going to get the Small Monsters CX bikes painted.

Before the trip, I was obviously bought into Mosaic. My bikes look amazing and absolutely rip. The compliments don’t hurt either.

Ben and Randy in the Mosaic Paint booth,

After spending a week with these awesome humans, I’m as much a fan as a rider of the brand. “Bespoke” is the word they chose, and I feel it encapsulates the energy there. The shop is dialed in, clean, and focused. There is extreme attention to detail, and everyone makes a serious effort, but at the same time, they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s a family I’m stoked to join, and I could not align more with how they do things. If you have the joy of bringing a Mosaic home, know that the humans behind it are some of the best out there.

Big thanks to Aaron and Mark for trusting me to represent the bikes, and shouts to Jamie, Ross, David, Pavel, and Randy for the great chats, tour, and welcoming me in."


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