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The Mosaic Finishwork Program.

Finish is the final touch of the Mosaic build process and the first impression that our bikes make to the world. Every Mosaic is a reflection of a rider’s personality and style, intertwined with the passion of the craftspeople who make it. It’s an impression that will last for years to come. Choosing your finish is a three step process:

1) Painted or Raw

2) Choose Your Layout

3) Pick Your Colors or Finish Options.

So let’s take time to focus on the finish. Go big. Go loud. Go subtle. Go pure. You will find options to suit all those tastes along with some of our favorite layout & color examples in our finishwork program below.


A raw titanium logo, "knocked out" from a coat of matte pearl metallic paint.

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Three colors, faded together from the top down. Go wild with your three favorite colors, or keep it simple and analogous with three similar shades... Gloss or matte, it's up to you!

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Two colors faded from the top down. Whether you go high contrast or something a bit more subtle, two color fades are a Mosaic staple. Gloss or matte finish options available.

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Two Tone

Pick two, and roll with them! A high-contrast two-tone layout gives your frame a modern, yet timeless look. Choose from our selection of Pearl Metallic & Solid colors in both gloss and matte.

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Cockpit Series

Cockpit Series

The cockpit series is for the rider who appreciates the simplicity and detail of a raw titanium frame but wants a little color pop to make their bike extra special. The cockpit series is available now in two designs, and hundreds of different color combinations.

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Artist Series

Artist Series

The Mosaic Artist Series blurs the line between art and craftsmanship, embodying everything that makes Mosaic uniquely Mosaic. The belief that form and function are not mutually exclusive. Released on a limited-edition basis the result is designs that are the fullest expression of this philosophy. Artist Series layouts are offered as an upgrade on any Mosaic frameset.

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Mosaic Factory Finish

Drawing inspiration from our paint layouts, the Mosaic Factory Finish is our premium raw finish scheme. A media blasted base finish is complimented with outlined, brushed logos, for a modern take on raw titanium.

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Standard Raw Finish

Simple, functional, and timeless. Our standard raw finish is a staple in the Mosaic lineup - a media blasted satin base with smaller, lightly brushed logos..

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