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How To Order:

Contact us:  we work with some really awesome partners around the world that ensure you have the best experience possible when ordering a bike.  They know us, our product and we trust them 100%. We recommend you reach out to a Mosaic dealer first.  If you don't live near a Mosaic dealer, need recommendations or just want to chat bikes please reach out to us. We're always super busy building frames but are happy to talk spend time with customers.

Schedule a consultation:  Find a time to get serious about your bike.  Be ready to get fit, nerd out on components and geometry, dream up finish work and ask a bunch of questions. You'll get great answers. The more finalized your order is when you're done the smoother the process will be for us and the sooner you'll get you bike. 

Finalize your design: This one is important, we don't start working on your frame until we have a complete order, that means every detail.  So, work with your shop to finalize all details, get your deposit in and information submitted. Don't worry, we love taking orders and usually get them signed off and ready for build with in a matter of days!   

Wait: It's understandable that this is the hard part and we understand, there is nothing better than "new bike day"! But don't worry, we have a super dialed process that allows our lead time to hover around the 12 week mark for your very own Mosaic. We'll let you know when its on the way so you can start bugging your shop about building it up for its first ride.  So the wait won't be long and know that we are working to craft your very own bike, it's a process that takes time an care.

Ride: The fun part begins.  Upon delivery your Mosaic dealer will make sure the bike is put together per spec and is in perfect working order. Ride it hard and let us know how much you love it! Share your riders on social media.  



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