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Where the Wild Things Are - Unbound Gravel Photo Journal

Unbound Gravel, Kristen Legan winning the race.
Brennan Wertz - Pre-race Recon, Unbound 2024.

Another Unbound Gravel has come and gone. After last year's mud fiasco, Emporia had some ground to make up in the Mosaic camp, and boy, did it deliver. Perfect weather, blazing fast racing, and a 100% finish race for our crew of 5 made for a weekend to remember. Kristen Legan & Brennan Wertz took on the Elite 200 mile races, Ross Leopold & Julius Berith in the "working class" 200 mile field, and the legend himself Salifu Mohammed rolled the XL 350.

The races delivered the good, the bad, and the ugly - per usual in the Flint Hills.

In the Elite Race, for Brennan Wertz, it was a bad day to be a Dynaplug. A series of unfortunate punctures led to several wheel swaps, and 14 tire plugs later he rolled into Emporia after being on a non-stop, primarily solo chase from Mile 30. Kristen Legan was mixed up in an early crash, which too, had her on the chase. Not the day either had hoped for, but that's the way of the road. For Kristen, Crusher in the Tusher is the next stop of the Lifetime Grand Prix. For Brennan, Europe calls, and some UCI points are on the line!

Ross Leopold & Above Category's own, Julius Berith hatched a plan, which they managed to execute - riding every mile together. The new friends rolled down Commercial Street roughly 13 hours, 2 pounds of Haribo, and a shared Rolling Rock later. From the sounds of things, and what we were able to capture from the sidelines, the two might have had the most enjoyable day of the squad, spending their 13 hours trading pulls and swapping stories.

Despite totaling his 4Runner en route to Emporia, Salifu Mohammed toed the line on Friday afternoon to start the Unbound XL after a little help from his friends to complete the drive. Riding his GT-2X, Sali smiled his way through the 350 miles and made more than a couple of friends along the way. He crossed the line in 29 hours, 44 minutes and 38 seconds - exactly 22 seconds ahead of sunset. It was a dead sprint between Sali and the sun, and our man came out on top.

Thanks for the good times, Emporia. We'll see you next year...


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