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The X Series Mosaic Frames are designed specifically for cyclocross racing. Designed with our own cyclocross specific geometry and built with hand-selected tubes the ride is responsive, handling is spot on and power transfer is the definition of efficient.

Mosaic XT-1

The XT-1 presents the best of what Mosaic has to offer with its Cyclocross lineup. Performance add-ons blended with a lightweight double-butted titanium tube set form a bike equipped for the rigors of cyclocross competition.

Mosaic XT-2

A base model with add-ons to fit any build spec and budget, the foundation of the XT-2 is a straight gauge tubing platform with upgrade options and build specs.

Mosaic XS-1

Steel tubing creates a great, lively ride characteristic for rugged cyclocross courses.

GT-1 Disc with Flat mount and 142x12mm thru axle


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