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Efficiency and stability dominate the designer’s dreams in formulating a bicycle in response to each rider’s body, performance goals, and anticipated terrain.  The purity of materials, fabrication, and fit transform even sketchy pavement into a path toward ever-elevating achievement.

The Mosaic RT-1

The RT-1 presents the best of what Mosaic has to offer with it's Road lineup. Performance add-ons blended with a lightweight double-butted titanium tubeset form a bike equipped for anything. Caliper and disc options are available.

Mosaic RT-2

A base model with add-ons to fit any build spec and budget, the RT-2 builds off of a stock geometry platform with a la carte upgrade options to achieve the desired build spec.

RS-1 58_-007.jpg

Mosaic RS-1

The RS-1 is built in regards to the long tradition of steel bikes: lightweight tubing, handcrafted details, and colorful paint choices.

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