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Flagstaff Fridays 2023

The end result after many hours of work from our talented paint team.

Who: You. Come one, come all.

What: Flagstaff Friday. A monthly ride, presented by Mosaic Cycles on our favorite climb of them all - Flagstaff Road. When: May 19th, June 9th (Flagstaff Week!!), July 14th, August 18th, September 15th @ 7am sharp. Where: The Coffee Ride (2516 49th St #2, Boulder, CO 80301) Why: Once a month, let's get together on Friday morning for Flagstaff Friday. Whether you'd like to test your legs and go for a PR, or just enjoy the ride as a warmup for the weekend, Flagstaff Friday is always a good idea.

The ride will roll at 7am sharp from The Coffee Ride, following this route. If you're late, you'll have to catch up. We'll regroup at the top, enjoy the descent (safely and from the right side of the yellow lines) and end the ride back at The Coffee Ride for complimentary coffee and good conversation.

We'll see you there.

Mark your calendars! Flagstaff Week is coming in hot too. This year's Mosaic Flagstaff week will take place on June 5-9, culminating with the second Flagstaff Friday of the summer.

Two Tone, Tri-Fade, Knockout, and hundreds of different possible combinations.


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