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Behind The Bike // Sheldon's RCCLA RT-1d // The Cub House

Sheldon's RT-1d in Los Angeles

Since we're unable to visit our friends and customers in person for the foreseeable future, we're starting a new series of blog posts to stay connected and build upon the relationships we have with our shops, our customers, and their bikes. Behind the Bike will feature Mosaic riders from around the world, a bit about their cycling story, their special bike, and the shop that made it all possible. This week, we're kicking it off with Sheldon's Rapha Cycling Club Los Angeles inspired RT-1d, built by The Cub House (@itsnotabikeshop).

A bit from Sheldon.

I’m Sheldon and I'm the proud owner of this Mosaic RT-1d. My cycling journey started 13 years ago when I got a road bike to get fit while providing care for my mother who was recovering from surgery to remove a large brain tumor. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a kid so learning to ride a road bike was a real struggle. I kept at it and found myself becoming a regular on competitive group rides where I lived. Fast forward a bit, and I found myself exploring the rugged mountains surrounding Los Angeles. It's a special thing, being able to ride into such beautiful and remote places that most people in LA don’t even know exist, and go flying back down into t