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Prismatica: The Artist Series

In preparation for Chris King Precision Components' Annual Open House, the paint team was given a brief for an RS-1d frameset heading their way: This bike needs to be colorful, highlight the new Chris King headset color and be uniquely Mosaic.

A week later, the painters had a few test pieces in the works after trying some new techniques and processes to show off. But a sample piece is not a full bike frame; how would this translate to a full bike?

"Trust us."

And thus the Mosaic Cycles Prismatica colorway was born: lots of color but still understated in keeping with Mosaic's long standing aesthetic. The new Chris King colorway pops and a few design elements draw inspiration from Chris King to tie the design into the upcoming event.

But we want to take it a step further and offer a limited number of frames with this scheme. It's lively and vibrant and needs to be seen in person. With painters and designers as a part of our production team, we should offer more than just our catalog of paint offerings. And from this, we've decided to make this the first offering in our Artist Series: a semi-regular, unique paint offering in limited quantities.

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