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#TBT: Rouge Roubaix Builders Challenge

In the spring of 2015 we put out a call for interested riders to come and join us at the Rouge Roubaix, a 105 mile road race in St. Francisville, Louisiana. One lucky racer would be selected to receive a custom built Mosaic RT-1d outfitted by Shimano.

Joining us for the race would be teams from Argonaut Cycles and Breadwinner Bicycles, both of whom would also be building bikes for a racer as well.

After pouring over applications, we selected Derek Yarra to join Aaron on Team Mosaic, along with our friends Spencer and Brandon.

Derek was a worthy applicant on his race resume alone but it didn't hurt that he also works at Above Category, our retail partner in Sausalito, California. Along the way, Derek has been documenting the iterations of his RT-1d and has just published his long term review. It's pretty clear that Derek's still getting good mileage out of this bike.

"I’ll be straight up – I fucking love this bike. It’s fast, bombproof, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a road bike. It’s not the lightest bike I’ve ever owned, nor does it have the absolute latest technology, but I’ve never enjoyed any other (road) bike more than this one." Read more of Derek's long term RT-1d review over on Above Category's Journal.

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