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Rapha Gentlemen's Race

When we received an invitation to be a part of Boulder's first Rapha Gentlemen's Race, we knew we had to be a part of it. As the event grew closer, we began to realize the enormity of the ride: we would endure over 100 miles and 13,000 feet of climbing on front range pavement, dirt, and trail. Many of the roads were familiar to us, but the complete route was unique, something we'd never tried to accomplish in one day.

The basic rules of the race were these: we must have 6 riders on our team and, to finish successfully, we would need to finish together. We invited industry friends and local riding buddies who, luckily, were ready for the challenge and who all chose to ride their Mosaic rigs.

Below are thoughts and images from our epic day together as Team Mosaic:


"Probably the most memorable day on the bike for me yet! Dirt roads and metal bikes are meant for each other!" -Zach Lee


"The morning started like many others: wake up, drink coffee, eat food, ride! We rolled out of Skratch Labs looking good on our Mosaic bespoke bikes and matchy matchy Panache kits. Throughout the morning we took in amazing views and enjoyed our time together!" -Garrett Getter


"We hit the bottom of Switzerland and it was loose... Riding it only 2 weeks prior the trail had changed drastically due to drier conditions. Let's just say I had a few moments here. Pain, more pain and lots of motivation from my team kept me going." -Garrett Getter


"We would reach that finish line together, as one, no matter what it took, all in it for one another." -Brandon Newcomer


"We rode like a true team - endured some incredibly tough roads - and finished strong, on time and together. How rad is that?" -Zach Lee

We ride most weekends in and around Boulder. But the RGR was a rare opportunity to ride among friends/acquaintances from many different corners of our local and regional cycling industry. For that opportunity we are grateful. And if we were approached with the chance to do something similar again, we'd say Hell Yeah!


A special Thank You to Team Mosaic riders Zach Lee, Todd Morton, Brandon Newcomer, Brandon Dwight, Garrett Getter, and Aaron Barcheck.

Thank You to local clothing company Panache Cyclewear for making us look good, to Skratch Labs for providing support throughout the day and for having damn good food at the finish, and to Rapha for organizing the event.

Photos courtesy of our own Kevin Batchelor

Words by Liz Barcheck

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