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Mosaic Cycles XT-1 Donations Supporting Vets through Cycling and the Wounded Warriors Project

Wounded Warriors Project is back in 2019!

Special Edition Mosaic XT-1, Custom Pearl Izumi Elite Kit, and Direct Sponsorship of Vet Racer

Mosaic is happy to be teaming up with brand partners Shimano, Pearl Izumi, Angry Bovine, Hoke Racing, and Donnelly to support the Wounded Warriors Project again in 2019. Last year, our cyclocross project raised more than $17,000 for WWP, and we are stepping up this year with a goal to raise even more to directly impact the lives of vets. Beginning Monday, November 11th, Mosaic is taking donations for a chance on a special edition XT-1 cyclocross bike with custom paint by Spectrum Paint & Powderworks and Shimano GRX components. The special edition XT-1 will be custom built and painted just like the XT-1 of our sponsored veteran rider, Joey Chavez. All donations of $10 going to the WWP.

Alongside this sweepstakes design crew is Angry Bovine, back with an all new custom kit to match with clothing partner Pearl Izumi. The kit is available for puchase immediately and a portion of the proceeds from the kit will go directly to the WWP.

Donate For This Bike:
Mosaic XT-1 Rider Specific Geo
2019 WWP Paint
Shimano Mechanical GRX components
Shimano Pro Cockpit
Donelly Tires
Purchase This Kit:
Pearl Izumi Elite 2019 Special Edition WWP
Design by Angry Bovine
Racing Bikes, Supporting Each Other

The catalyst for the project is Mitch Hoke, elite cyclocross racer, Air National Guard pilot, and Mosaic friend. Mitch wanted to use his passion for cycling to benefit veterans and reached out to local veterans organizations connected to Wounded Warriors to find a racer to sponsor through this project. This year, in addition to the bike raffle and kit sale, Mosaic is sponsoring military veteran Joey Chavez in his first season racing cyclocross. “I was really excited about what we did last year," said Mitch, "It was a great way for me to give back to those who served our country and needed a little extra help. This year Aaron and I started brainstorming and decided that we really wanted to do something more,” said Hoke. “We decided there could be nothing better than finding a vet who could benefit from the community and fitness that cross provides."

Sargeant Joey Chavez served as an Infantry Team Leader with the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division while deployed to Iraq in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Joey has struggled with PTSD and Survivor's Guilt: “The social contract I had during my time in the military was completely different that what I’ve experienced as a civilian,” said Chavez of his post-Army life. "I moved to Colorado in 2015 and connected with Wounded Warrior Project. Through WWP, I was introduced to other local veterans and they gave me a community and network. The WWP has provided rock-steady support, helping me connect with veterans and the cycling community at the same time. It’s an exhilarating feeling to find communities that support me in this new chapter.” We are super proud to support Joey now as a part of our community in cycling.

About the Wounded Warrior Project: The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a charity and veterans nonprofit 501(c)(3) service organization offering a variety of programs, services and events for wounded veterans of military actions following Sept. 11 2001. WWP helps veterans transition to college and the workplace, provides access to mental health care, and connects veterans with a variety of services.

Find out more about Wounded Warriors Project

Special thanks to all our partners in making this project a reality!


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