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Mosaic Artist Series #2 | Where Form Meets Function

The Mosaic Artist Series #2 | Kaleidosaic

The Mosaic Artist Series blurs the line between art and craftsmanship, embodying everything that makes Mosaic uniquely Mosaic. The belief that form and function are not mutually exclusive. The design and craftsmanship of our frames paired with the intricacy of our paint process culminates in a heightened color experience that you won’t find on any other bike. Meet the latest addition to the Artist Series, Kaleidosaic.

Mosaic Kaleidosaic Graphite

Kaleidosaic, at first glance is subtle yet eye catching, and compliments the aesthetic of a Mosaic frame perfectly. Look a little further, or even better, get the bike outdoors and you’ll realize that it’s exceptionally complex. The finished product as a whole, is much greater than the sum of its parts. No one color on a Kaledosaic bike would exist without the presence of the other layers that came before it.

The paint process consists of 4 different layers, creating a brilliant sparkle, and unique kaleidoscope-esque shapes. The final layer, in combination with the previous three layers creates what could be considered the frame’s primary color. Different angles and lighting situations reveal each layer, showing off the artwork’s incredible depth and attention to detail.

The Artist Series showcases our capabilities, and most of all makes these designs a reality. Kaleidosaic is available now in three different colorways : Graphite, Polar and Chartreuse. in limited quantities on any of our flagship model bikes - the RT1, RT-1d, RS-1, GT-1, and XT-1. The next Artist Series bike we paint could very well be your Mosaic.

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