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Cockpit Series

Introducing The Mosaic Cockpit Series.

A raw titanium frame oozes functionality, craftsmanship, and class. We walk a fine line at Mosaic because we know that titanium frames deserve to be seen and appreciated, but at the same time, we absolutely love painting things. We view bikes as canvases for artistic expression and personalization.

The cockpit series is for the rider who appreciates the simplicity and detail of a raw titanium frame but wants a little color pop to make their bike extra special. The cockpit series is available now in three designs, and hundreds of different color combinations.


Controlled chaos can be a beautiful thing. Splatter paint is here, and it's guaranteed to make your bike look like it's having as much fun as you are.

Available in hundreds of different combinations using our stock colors.


Stripes are fast, that's just science. Add some color to your fork, stem and seatpost to make your bike stand out from the pack.

With hundreds of different color combinations, let us design your dream cockpit layout!


A timeless design originating from 18th century Scotland, historically associated with hard work. Perhaps a little bit of paisley on your Mosaic might just be the inspiration you need to ride harder, ride further, and ride more.

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