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Mosaic Flagstaff Week - 6/13-6/17

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Mosaic Flagstaff Week. June 13-17th 2022. 7am. Every day.

It's the week you've been waiting for. The best week of the year, hands down. Mosaic Flagstaff Week is here! We're rolling at 7am sharp from Spruce Confections at 767 Pearl St (Pearl & 9th) every day from Monday-Friday, June 13th through June 17th. Some days will be casual & social, some won't... Ride fast, ride slow, ride your road bike, your gravel bike, your e-bike, ride however you want, just come and ride with us! Everybody is welcome and encouraged to bring a friend. A few key details are below!

Flag Week Details:

  • Come early to sign a waiver for the week (you can't ride without it)

  • Meet at Spruce Confections on West Pearl

  • Roll promptly at 7:00am...if you're late, ride up 6th Street to catch us

  • Social paced ascent on Monday and Tuesday mornings - great days to join us if you're in for a social, low-key ride.

  • Spirited ascent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - great days to come to get that PR you've been working towards; good-hearted competition encouraged

  • Plan to ride two-by only if you have a shoulder. We strongly encourage riding single file once we pass Gregory Canyon- let's not piss anyone off. If our group is extraordinarily big, we will role in waves- safety first.

  • The group will naturally split up on the climb- we'll wait at the top for everyone and start the descent together (descend responsibly and conservatively- safety first)

  • You can come for as many days as you want

  • Friday is a great day to get a little funky and wear something offbeat, vintage, skinsuit-y, or just weird. There might be a prize for this too...

  • Donuts and coffee after Friday's ride - location TBD

  • Don't overthink it, come ride with us

A Note on Safety!

This is an unofficial community event. The goal is to challenge ourselves and each other to do something awesome. That said, it isn't a race. Don't be a dick.

1. When you get to the top, get off the road. Don't stand near the road, on the line, or on the road in front of the mailboxes. Don't collect on the road. Don't stand in the driveways. No road-standing. If you see someone standing on the road or near the road, tell them to get off the damn road.

2. Do not tailgate cars on the descent. Don't pass cars on the descent.


4. No crossing the yellow center line for any reason.

5. No riding more than two-by on a shoulder, or one-by on your climb when there is no shoulder.

6. If a car is coming up on the group, communicate and get over immediately.

Even if you can't make the "official" 7am roll out each day, we hope you choose to participate in #mosaiccyclesflagstaffweek whenever it fits into your schedule.

Feel free to forward this email along to others in our community. And keep in mind that this is still a grassroots, unofficial ride. As Mosaic Flagstaff Week has grown, we are fully aware that its future hinges on all of us riding with class. Do your part: keep it safe and rad and even just slightly underground so we can #flagstaffweek for many more years to come.

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