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Mosaic Cycles signs Brennan Wertz

Remember the time back in '21 when we built a GT-1 45 for a then up-and-coming bike racer eager to try his hand at the highest level of gravel racing? Well, just to set the stage anyway, that bike racer is Brennan Wertz. We built Brennan that bike, he rode it literally once, and then he went on to ride that GT-1 45 to a Top 10 finish at Unbound Gravel to kick off a string of incredible results and stories. Brennan put his GT-1 45 on podiums across the country that summer, and we couldn't have been prouder to be a part of it.

Fast forward another season, many incredible results later, and Brennan is a full-fledged professional bike racer and unquestionably one of the "heads of state" of the American off-road scene. At 6'5, his height puts him a head and shoulders above most, but it's Brennan's humility, talent, and passion for his craft that truly sets him apart. We are thrilled to announce that Brennan Wertz has signed with Mosaic Cycles and will be representing Mosaic throughout his 2023 race season.

Brennan will be telling the Mosaic story through his lens in 2023, a lens that requires high-performance equipment that he can rely on day after day, week after week, and race after race. Outfitted with a fleet of Mosaic bikes, Brennan is tackling the Lifetime Grand Prix Series, Belgian Waffle Rides, Mid South Gravel, and many many more adventures throughout the year. Over the course of Brennan's season, we're excited to share the story that American handmade titanium bicycles have a place within the world of elite competition. For riders like Brennan, a custom titanium bike has the unique proposition of offering him exactly what he's looking for in terms of fit, geometry, reliability, and of course, aesthetics. As they say, you've gotta look good to ride good, and Brennan will certainly be doing both. Keep an eye out for a few blog posts from Brennan, race reports, bike checks, and who knows, maybe even a german beer review or two...

Brennan will be spending time and racing aboard the GT-1 AR, GT-1 45, MT-2 and the GT-1X. For a bike check on his latest build, a fully integrated GT-1 AR - click here!

Brennan's sponsors are Mosaic Cycles, Orange Seal, Above Category, Q36.5, Kali Protectives, Rene Herse, ENVE Composites, Garmin, SRM, Lightweight, Ceramicspeed, Arundel, Form Cycling

Let's go racing.

Photography by: Jim Merithew (Kali Protectives)


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