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Land Cruising : A collaboration with The Pro's Closet & The Radavist.

Mosaic GT-2 45's in Desert Sand & Nebula Green
The Mosaic take on an iconic layout. When we teamed up with The Pro's Closet and The Radavist for a limited edition run of GT-2 45's, the Overland Layout was born. Seen here in Desert Tan and Nebula Green, it's no secret where the inspration for this project came from...

When we were approached by The Pro's Closet and The Radavist with an idea for a brand collaboration, whilst we were extremely excited about the prospect of working with such a talented team, we'll be totally honest, at first we were a little hesitant and unsure what to say... At first glance, it seems like the two companies are very very different, and as a brand that has worked tirelessly to establish trust with our existing retail partners, it wasn't a quick decision. After a few quick conversations however and zooming in a bit from that initial 10,000 foot view, it became very clear that TPC and Mosaic are both in this little space together, trying to re-write the rules to push the envelope of the sport we love. Like Mosaic, The Pro's Closet was founded and is headquartered in Boulder, CO and TPC has the simple ethos of "Bikes are meant to be used. At Mosaic we believe that "Precision fabrication and an efficient business practice balance Mosaic as an industry leader, creating meaningful cycling moments and enduring products".

When the missions above are aligned in collaboration, along with the expertise and vision of The Radavist, the result is one that places our products in a completely different setting and elevates both brands. Through this project, we hope to be able to deliver the Mosaic experience to more riders via a different channel, and that's something we're extremely excited about.

We landed on our versatile GT-2 45 platform for this project. The GT-2 45 delivers the riding experience you expect from a Mosaic, at a price point that rivals the plentiful mass-produced options that are available. Working closely with the team at The Pro's Closet and The Radavist, each and every one of the limited edition GT-2 45 frames was meticulously handbuilt and finished by our team here at Mosaic HQ. Parts were selected and sourced by the crew at The Pro's Closet & The Radavist, and the complete bikes were assembled by the master technicians at TPC. The

TPC GT-2 45's are available in two build options (Di2 & Mechanical), and in two unique colorways that draw design inspiration from the fan-favorite at Mosaic, TPC, and The Radavist : The Toyota Land Cruiser. You can view the builds here, and while stock lasts, The Pro's Closet has these limited edition builds in stock and ready to ship now! Here's a piece from TPC with a little more backstory on their side of the process! Enjoy.

What if want a different color? Or custom geometry? Or a different build spec? No problem. We'd love to build you one to order. Our primary sales channel at Mosaic will always be our retail partners, a collection of some of the best-in-class, independent bicycle shops. We've established a network of trusted partners across the world that know the Mosaic brand inside and out, and trust them implicitly. During this step, every little detail is discussed, confirmed, and signed off on before your order is finalized with Mosaic. If you’re purchasing a custom bike, Mosaic will provide a frame draft to confirm geometry and an illustration of your finish work, allowing you to visualize your new frame before signing it off into our queue. Our current lead time on built to order frames is 12-14 weeks.

Enjoy the gallery below of two Di2 Spec GT-2 45's, finished in the Mosaic Overland Layout in Desert Tan and Nebula Green.


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