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Mosaic Artist Series #3 | Blueprint

Blueprint - Mosaic Artist Series

The Mosaic Artist Series #3 | Blueprint

The Mosaic Artist Series blurs the line between art and craftsmanship, embodying everything that makes Mosaic uniquely Mosaic: the belief that form and function are not mutually exclusive. The design and craftsmanship of our frames paired with the intricacy of our paint process culminates in a heightened paint experience that you won’t find on any other bike. Meet the latest addition to the Artist Series, Blueprint.

Blueprint Mosaic Logo

Blueprint comes from the mind of one of our painters, Arthaya. If you're riding a painted Mosaic that you purchased within the past few years, then there's a very good chance that Arthaya painted it. Her incredible attention to detail, seemingly endless motivation, and passion for her work are just a few of the reasons that we're incredibly lucky to have her on our team.

This year for the Chris King Open House, we built Arthaya a GT-1 AR. Before we get into the finishwork, it's worth mentioning a few special design aspects on the frame. We started with our GT-1 AR platform, which uses an ENVE Allroad Fork, short chainstays, and typically has clearance for 700x38's. We're believers that bikes should be designed around a specific wheelsize, either 700c or 650b, depending on the rider and what they'll do with the bike. Arthaya, being a smaller rider, is the perfect candidate for a dedicated 650b setup, so that gave us a starting point. From there, we designed the frame specifically for her around a 650bx42 tire. Building the frame specifically for a 650b wheelset allows us to shorten the rear end of the bike even further, keeping the front end of the bike lower and creating a frame that overall will be faster and more responsive. Most importantly, it will be more fun for someone her size to ride on a wide variety of terrain.

Now, onto the new finishwork! Blueprint. Something I've always been curious about is what would someone who typically makes things for others make for themselves when they have a chance. A few examples... What does a chef put on their own table? A barista, what are they drinking? A Formula 1 driver, what's in their garage? A carpenter, what style of furniture do they have in their home? Along those same lines, what would an artist and a painter paint if they were painting it for themselves? Well, this time, we've got an answer! We were lucky enough to have Pearl Izumi and Justin Balog along for the ride, who together created the video below on the process of creating Blueprint. Rather than try and explain it, we'll let the video take it from here...

For more photos, check out the gallery below! Blueprint is available now as an upgrade on any Mosaic frame, or as a repaint on your existing Mosaic. Contact your nearest Mosaic dealer to get the ball rolling.


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