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Mosaic Cycles Expands G-Series With Gravel Models For Any Riding Style

Mosaic Cycles is expanding their award-winning gravel bike lineup with wheel size options and frame variants built to suit evolving styles of gravel riding. Their popular GT-1 and GT-2 bikes are now available in either an "All Road" version or an "Adventure Gravel" version with increased tire clearance and geometry.

The G-Series Adventure Gravel version has clearance for 700x45mm tires, while still fitting a double crankset, opening up another realm of options to explore back roads and singletrack. With an ENVE Composites G-Series fork up front, this option can also accommodate 650b x 47mm tires for pushing the limits of drop-bar capabilities.

The G-Series All Road includes the ENVE All Road fork, with clearance for 700x38 or 650b x 42mm tires. This style features a shorter wheelbase and tighter handling, which Mosaic describes as "a more capable road bike".

“Our design inspiration comes from the ways we ride bikes here in our hometown of Boulder, so the All Road version came first," says Mosaic founder Aaron Barcheck, "We have a lot of great hardpacked dirt roads just out of town...with lots of pavement in between, we really wanted a more capable road bike to be better suited for all-day epics."

He adds "As we've spent more time riding off the pavement, we've seen a need to fit even larger tires to go deep into the woods. With customers asking for more clearance for events like Dirty Kanza, we looked at ways to adapt our designs to fit bigger tires."

In 2017, the GT-1 was the first bike to be awarded "Best Gravel Bike" at the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. Mosaic continues to develop their craft, offering the best bicycles possible to their growing network of dealers. The updated G-series models represent the leading edge of gravel riding styles, and Mosaic remains committed to rewarding riders with superb ride quality, finish and fit, all delivered with unmatched rapidity.

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