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Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge: Meet "Team Mosaic"

The Rouge Roubaix is now only a week away. After months of planning with Argonaut Cycles and Breadwinner Cycles, we're incredibly excited to descend upon St. Francisville, LA. With us we'll bring loads of custom bikes, eager racers, and a community that spans a much greater distance than the 100+ miles we will encounter next Sunday.

We will have more on the race and the Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge as it unfolds. For now, here's an introduction of Team Mosaic:

Derek Yarra (Builder Challenge Winner)- San Francisco, CA

Derek rides anything with two wheels and has now for the past 18 years. His specific race talent lies in disciplines requiring treaded tires, ranging from cyclocross to BMX and DH. While he doesn't typically race road, he's excited for the opportunity to mix it up.

In his application to join Team Mosaic, we asked him why he wanted to race on a custom bicycle. Here's his response: "A bicycle, built exactly to your specs, for exactly how you ride, made by the hands of a master builder, built out of metal.... what could be better?"

Even though Derek has been racing for nearly two decades, and works as a mechanic at one of the most high-end custom bicycle shops in the country (Above Category), Derek has never had a custom bike of his own. Until now.

Derek's Dream Bike is this RT-1d: Shimano Ultegra Di2, R685 hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Pro Vibe cockpit, and Shimano RX80 tubeless-ready wheels. We are beyond excited to meet Derek in person and race with him next weekend!

Spencer Powlison- Boulder, CO

Spencer is originally from Vermont where he first learned to mountain bike as a young adolescent. He raced mountian bikes for many years and now has a love of cycling that encompasses many disciplines including road, cx, track, trials, flatland enduro, dirt jumping, commuting, and fat biking. Spencer is known among his friends as the "ragged edge" and that might speak the most about his riding style.

Spencer chose to buy custom because "it’s really nice to have a bike that is made exactly to meet your needs. I’ve ridden many great bikes over the years, but nearly every one has some sort of drawback, simply because it’s impossible to find an off-the-shelf bike that is 100-percent right for you."

It will be Spencer's first time in Louisiana, and he is looking forward to racing in a part of the country that he's never visited. The Rouge Roubaix is 103 miles, which will make it the longest distance he's ever raced!

Spencer's Mosaic is an RS-1 with Campagnolo Record mechanical, Mavic Cosmic Carbone 40c wheels, Clement Strada LGG 28c tires, chrome Ritchey cockpit parts, and a painted carbon Enve fork. His bike is still relatively new to him, he's only spent a few hundred miles on it since getting it earlier this year. His favorite feature on his Mosaic is "likely the oversized head tube because I can make rude jokes about it —most RS-1s have standard head tubes for 1 1/8” steerers. But it does also help the bike steer really well on fast corners."

Keep an eye out for this steel rig near the front of next week's shenanigans, Spencer is fast.

Brandon Newcomer- Boulder, CO

Brandon (or Brando) is an endurance mountain bike racer who has developed an affinity for long, punishing Grand Fondo-esque road adventures. He mostly loves just being on a bike, whether to race or for hours and hours of fun. His appreciation for riding has become hightened after coming back from a significant injury over a year ago. Brando's hard and long recovery has made him an incredible force on the bike and someone who has a refreshing appreciation for being able to do what he loves.

Brandon chose to buy custom because "what is better than riding a custom bike built specifically for you? Nothing. Having input into the process of how you want the bike to ride/feel and the way you want it to look is like no other experience."

Next week in Louisiana, Brandon hopes that he can enjoy riding in unfamiliar territory with some familiar members of the Mosaic crew. He's also looking forward to rubbing elbows with new faces, and enjoy an experience that he hasn't had before.

Brandon's Mosaic is an RS-1 with Shimano Ultegra Di2, Chris King R45 hubs, Hed Belgian rims and Vittoria Rubino Pros 25mm tires. He has already put his bike through the paces with over 4,000 ride miles of diverse terrain, including races like the Spy Belgian Waffle Race and last year's Rapha Gentlemen's Race. Brandon says that no matter the terrain, his "steel beauty will perform's a smooth ride, even over long distances."

We know Brandon as an incredibly strong, versatile rider who can throwdown just when you're ready to let up. He'll be one to keep an eye on for sure, and one to follow if he makes a break.

Aaron Barcheck (Mosaic Cycles Founder/OG)

Aaron was introduced to cycling as a teenager and quickly got into road racing and cyclocross in the St. Louis area. Since moving to Colorado, Aaron has raced for the University of Colorado collegiate road team, and has also raced mountain bikes and cyclocross with Teams Small Batch and Single Barrel. It's a good day for Aaron when he can put the stresses of owning a business aside and ride anywhere, but especially into the mountains west of Boulder.

Aaron is a cyclist and that continues to drive his vision at Mosaic Cycles. His bikes change in terms of their components, geometry, material and style, as his riding preferences and goals change. He doesn't just make custom bikes, he tests and challenges what bikes are and can do through his own riding experiences.

The Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge is a part of Aaron's larger goal: to get more people on beautiful bicycles that fit and ride right. He's excited to race next weekend and spend time with others who share his passion for custom bicycles and riding hard.

Aaron's Mosaic is an RT-1d with Dura Ace Di2, R785 Hydraulic disc brakes, Enve cockpit and 2.4 Enve disc wheels. This is his "go-to" for long days in the saddle; it's comfortable, responsive, and can smoothly handle diverse terrain.

Next week's race is an exciting thing for Aaron to see come alive. He'll be ready to rumble with his team, and anyone else who wants to grab wheels and go.


Special thanks to Derek, Spencer, Brandon, and Aaron for providing photos and information.

Follow Team Mosaic to see the race and events as they unfold!

@derekyarra @spino_powerlegs @brandonnewcomer @kanyearon_barcheck

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