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A Look Back At 2014

As we approach the end of 2014, we can't help but remember this year as a really incredible one for riding and building. The end of 2014 also marks the closing of our 5th year in business. Whew. Seems like as good a time as any to share some of our favorite Mosaic moments from the year.

2014 CX Nationals at Valmont Bike Park- Boulder, CO

The buzz around CX Nats at Valmont started early last season, as everyone racing on the front range planned to extend their season through the event in January. Once the actual race came to town, classic Colorado winter weather elevated the event to a true CX experience. Conditions changed drastically on the diverse course throughout the week, from sketchy ice and snow, to thick mud, to dry, fast dirt. That, paired with record participation in many categories and fully stacked pro categories, made it the perfect way to start 2014.

Photo provided by Zach Lee

NAHBS- Charlotte, NC

In February, we traveled to Charlotte, NC for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Most memorably, we invited some of our top dealers from around the country and world to join us in a creative build project for the show.

Pictured above: Tony of Velosmith (Chicago), Steve of Crankstar (Brisbane, AU), Chris and Sean formerly of Pro Peloton (Boulder), Mike of Blacksmith Cycles (Toronto, CA), Todd of Above Category Cycling (Sausalito), Kevin, Jack, and Aaron of Mosaic Cycles. Not pictured but a part of the project: Stephen of Prestige Cycles (East Sussex, UK).

Photo by Liz Barcheck

Velosmith Shop Visit- Wilmette, IL

On the way back from NAHBS we were able to visit our Chicago dealer, Velosmith. Tony arranged a wine and cheese night so that we could meet the people who ride our bicycles, or who are interested in what we do. It's always nice to be able to shake hands and answer questions about our build process first-hand. Big thanks to Tony for hosting us; we're excited to return to the Chicago area this upcoming year either during road or CX season.

Photo by Kevin Batchelor

Prestige Shop Visit and Bespoked UKHBS- London/East Sussex, UK

In April, Aaron headed to London to attend Bespoked- The UK Handmade Bicycle Show, which was held in London's Lee Valley Velodrome. He spent the few days at the show shaking hands with builders from around the world. Thanks to Stephen of Prestige Cycles for hosting and for giving Aaron a taste of what the UK/Euro custom bicycle scene has to offer. We're excited to return to this event in the coming years.

Photo by: Bespoked UK Show Goer?

The Grand Loop (Day One Route, Day Two Route)-Boulder to Winter Park, CO

In June, we finally rode The Grand Loop- a 200 mile/20,000 ft.+ of elevation gain road ride from Boulder to Winter Park and back, meandering through some of the best small towns in the high country. Epic head winds on the first day from Boulder to the top of Trail Ridge Road (pictured above) made the ride especially challenging, and rewarding. We rode west from the top Trail Ridge to Grandby, which is one of the most fun descents we've found in the Rocky Mountains. Near Grand Lake we saw a few moose, the first that Kevin had ever seen. From Winter Park we looped back to Boulder via Berthoud Pass and Peak to Peak Hwy. A highlight from the second day was riding Oh My God Road, a twisty ascent that connects Idaho Springs to Central City via dirt and old mining shacks. This loop is perhaps the quintessential Colorado ride.

Photo by Brandon Newcomer

Mavic 125Ans Project- Los Angeles, CA

This year, Mavic commissioned a small number of custom fabricators to make 125th Anniversary Celebration Bicycles to highlight their 125th anniversary wheelset. We were thrilled to be chosen alongside some of the best builders in the industry. This was a fun creative project, and one where we partnered with local designer Zach Lee Designs to get all of the details just right. Aaron also attended the celebration itself, and was able to ride some of the most iconic roads outside of LA with other framebuilders and Mavic.

Rapha Gentlemen's Race- West of Boulder, CO

A one-day, 100+ mile road adventure in the mountains west of Boulder. The RGR was a great ride made even better by thoughtful route planning and an emphasis on community. Read our full account of this event by clicking here.

Photo by Kevin Batchelor

Summer Grand Traverse- Crested Butte to Aspen, CO

In August, we headed with Team Small Batch racers Paul and Daimo to do the First Annual Summer Grand Traverse: a 40 mile mountain bike race from Crested Butte to Aspen with over 7,000+ ft of climbing, much of it over exposed terrain above treeline. This ride starts on single track, then covers lots of ground on 4wheel drive roads before descending on the steep and twisty terrain of Aspen Ski Mountain. It was a stretch for some of our abilities (namely mine), but nonetheless, it was an excellent day in some of the most beautfiul parts of Colorado. We suggest this ride/race if you love to climb and are comfortable in verying technical terrain (bring your full suspension).

Photo by Liz Barcheck

Chris King Precision Components Factory Visit- Portland, OR

Months later, we're still talking about this factory tour. Read last month's blog post for the rundown.

Velo Cult Shop Visit- Portland, OR

A highlight from our October trip to Portland was a stop at the iconic Velo Cult: part coffee/beer/spirit bar, part retail space, part mechanic shop, and part event and community center. We'll post a full write-up on this visit, because it's too hard to quantify this space in only a few sentences. What we can say here that If you get the chance to visit, make the trip, and make sure to check out the basement. Big thanks to Russ and Sky for showing us this ecclectic space; we're hoping to continue working with Velo Cult in the coming year.

Photo by Liz Barcheck

Cross Crusade CX- Portland, OR

We wanted to visit and race CX in Portland because it's famous for its "scene." And its scene is massive. We raced in epic mud, mud unlike anything we've every raced in on the front range of Colorado. Beyond the race conditions, it was a unique experience to see how another CX community does it: the fans, the course, the rules are all tailored slightly differently in Portland. We're excited to bring more Team Small Batch racers up to experience this in 2015. Special thanks to Tim, David, and Jeremy of Rapha and The Athletic for hosting us this weekend!

Photo by Aaron Barcheck

CX Season w/Team Small Batch and Team Single Barrel- Front Range, CO

Almost every weekend from September to December we've loaded up the trailer and rallied the troops to take on some really fun, technical, and challenging courses (and a few made that way by the weather). The Colorado CX community has a lot to offer, and we're thrilled to continue to be a part of it. Read up on these two team's philosophies and racing rigs here.

Photo by Liz Barcheck

Our Favorite Additions Back At Mosaic HQ...

Giotto Espresso Machine with Mazzer Grinder

This little beauty helps keep the shop buzzing all day...our latte art is coming along too.

Photo by Aaron Barcheck

Yoda the Shop Dog

You might say that everything out of the Mosaic factory is Lab Tested. If you come to visit, bring Yoda a stick and he'll be your best friend for life.

Photo by Aaron Barcheck


Thank You For A Great Year

In the last year, the Mosaic family has expanded and now includes Aaron Barcheck (owner/framebuilder/welder), Jack Barcheck (framebuilder), Jake Nie (finish work), and Pete Smith (finish work). Thank you to the hardest working crew in the game.

Kevin Batchelor, who has worked at Mosaic in sales and new dealer development, will be exploring new opportunities in 2015. Kevin, thank you for the last three years. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

Lastly, we'd just like to say a very sincere thank you to the extended Mosaic crew: those of you who continue to ride Mosaic bicycles and attend events that support our efforts. This includes our network of almost 30 dealers, both national and international, who make it possible for us to continue doing what we love. Thank you.

2015 is shaping up to be another banner year- we already have several riding events, dealer visits, and build projects in the works, so stay tuned. Until then, everyone here at Mosaic Cycles wishes you a very happy beginning to the new year.

Photo by Kevin Batchelor


Photo credits provided within post (thank you to Kevin, Brandon, Aaron, Zach, and Liz)

Words by Liz Barcheck with contributions from Aaron Barcheck

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