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  • Aaron Barcheck

The Making of Team CX Rigs: Small Batch and Single Barrel

We've been saying it for a while: cyclocross is coming. This week, in fact, we'll kick off the season by partying (oops, we mean racing) under the lights at Cross Vegas.

The Mosaic Factory has been buzzing about cyclocross since the course tape was torn down last January at CX Nats. But recently, within this last bit of summer, this excitement has turned into straight freakin giddyness- and not just because there's something irresistable about 45 minutes of pure pain, bacon handups, and debauchery.

This year we are proud to support two local cyclocross teams: Team Small Batch and Team Single Barrel. Each team has specific and unique needs. Team Small Batch is comprised of racers who "enjoy riding, racing, and advocating for the local, the traditional, the sustainable." Team Single Barrel is a single speed team who is "dedicated to community, fun, and competitive kickassery." We couldn't be more thrilled to support, and race with, these entities.

Here's a factory look at the production of the race rigs behind both teams, and the industry partners who have helped in supporting local racers:

Team Small Batch