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Team Small Batch

We are proud to be a sponsor of Team Small Batch, a Boulder cyclocross team.

When Mosaic first got involved with Team Small Batch, it was under the pretence that this team would do things a little differently. Founded on the ideals of small business, local commerce, and community, the team's goals are to remain small, committed and personal. We eat local, we shop local, we ride local as the team motto goes. Our work with the team started by providing its racers with our unique approach to designing bike frames that fit right in with this ideal. Handcrafted frames built for the individual that fit and perform in a way that brings out the best of each rider while having the sustainability of a bike that will last from season to season here on the front range of Colorado especially thewhere conditions can be harsh and varying. This past February when our Team Small Batch XT-1 model won Best Cyclocross Bike at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, it seemed far more than coincidental. The dedication of our group of individuals, both at Mosaic and on the team, has made Team Small Batch something special, something that we're proud to continue to be a part of.

In the two years that we've worked and raced with Team Small Batch, we know that they're positively promoting the sport on and off race days through their team foundations and dedication to Local Products and Services

From the beginning Team Small Batch has been intent on to developing relationships with quality companies rather than to just finding sponsorship dollars. Local companies such as ourselves appreciate the chance to showcase our craft and support the sport of cycling in the same way riders support our local products. That type of local brand loyalty is truely unique.

A basic foundation of the team is to give back to the same local community where racers live and ride. Team Small Batch has been working with Growing Gardens, a Boulder local non-profit whose goal is to develop sustainable agriculture through youth programs and community gardens. Many hours have been spent volunteering and we've found that few things have helped the team form more than spending time in the garden together.

Involvement and Friendship

while Team Small Batch may not be a large team, they've made a large impact on the cyclocross communitity in Colorado by showing up, racing and participating. In the Colorado Cross Cup standings this season alone, TSB ranked among the top five to ten teams in every major category that they have regular racer participation in. Racers show up on race days to participate, and to also support each other. Many times this season the Team Small Batch tent compound was a place to congregate with friends and cheer on racers throughout the day, not just when a TSB kit came flying by. Beyond racing, Team Small Batch promotes involvement within the local cycling community, hosting events and rides that everyone can be a part of. Most recently, this fall the team partnered with another Boulder cyclocross team to host the First Annual Boulder Movember Gala. We were happy to host the event at our factory, and all proceeds from the night were donated to the Movember Foundation to help increase awareness and research regarding men's health.

Team Small Batch has provided us with real opportunity to contribute to the heart of the sport. We feel invigorated by the community, creativity, teamwork and vision that Team Small Batch has offered us and we know that as long as these qualities are present, we will continue to contribute to the team and sport of cyclocross!

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