Artist Series

The Mosaic Artist Series blurs the line between art and craftsmanship, embodying everything that makes Mosaic uniquely Mosaic. The belief that form and function are not mutually exclusive. Released on a limited-edition basis, the result is designs that are the fullest expression of this philosophy.


The series will evolve with the introduction of new designs and work from different artists. Each design is available as an option on any of our models and for re-paint on any existing Mosaic frame.


Meet the latest addition to the Artist Series, Kaleidosaic.


At first glance Kaleidosaic is subtle yet eye catching, and compliments the aesthetic of a Mosaic frame perfectly. Look a little further, or even better, get the bike outdoors and you’ll realize that it’s exceptionally complex. The finished product as a whole, is much greater than the sum of its parts. No one color on a Kaledosaic bike would exist without the presence of the other layers that came before it.


Different angles and lighting situations reveal each layer, showing off the artwork’s incredible depth and attention to detail throughout the process.

Kaleidosaic is available now on any Mosaic Frame. Stop by your nearest Mosaic dealer to order yours today, or schedule a re-paint of your current Mosaic.

Available now in three unique, stunning colorways. Graphite, Chartreuse and Polar.

Previous Artist Series Bikes


In preparation for Chris King Precision Components' Annual Open House, the paint team was given a brief for an RS-1d frameset heading their way: This bike needs to be colorful, highlight the new Chris King headset color and be uniquely Mosaic. 

A week later, the painters had a few test pieces in the works after trying some new techniques and processes to show off. But a sample piece is not a full bike frame; how would this translate to a full bike? 

"Trust us."


And thus the Mosaic Cycles Prismatica colorway was born.

Prismatica is still available by request on our GT-1, RT-1, RS-1 and XT-1.

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Polar Kaleidosaic GT-1